Run Pass Option

by The Deafening Colors



"Run Pass Option" is our third album. It follows 2015's "Carousel Season" and 2012's "Upstairs."


released January 28, 2019

All songs on "Run Pass Option" were written and performed by John Paul Arthur and Cristofer Slotoroff.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Cris in a basement in Linwood, NJ, two different basements in Weehawken, NJ, and a bedroom in New York City, NY.

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The Deafening Colors Weehawken, New Jersey

Based in Weehawken, New Jersey.

"When you come to with a hangover on a crowded beach, these are the songs you’ll have dreamt about." - John Guttschall

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Track Name: Saracen Revisited
A motorcycle growing rust in the tool shed,
Wonder if my hands are strong enough to hold it?
I'd get a couple grand if I sold it,
Sixteen summers since the franchise folded,
Hold it.
I can't hold it.

On Friday night I let the ball fall down
On Monday morning, had to carry it around
Walk the halls real ugly 'til the bell sounds

I couldn't tell what was real, what was practice
Scarlet Letter on my varsity jacket
Sixteen summers since I threw it in the attic -
Do I even have it?
Track Name: Count on a Crime
Show me out the door,
I won't sign your form,
Bottom-feeder, bottom line,
You keep yours and I'll keep mine

You're never going home,
You can count on a crime, can't count on a crime.
They'll disconnect my phone.

Now they'll lock the door,
Shelter from my form,
True believer, I don't mind,
I won't look for what you find

You're never going home.
Disconnect the phone.
Track Name: Riggins in the Bardo
Take away my arms
Take away my fight

Take away my bark
Take away my bite

Take away my stars
Take away my stripes

Take away my farms
Take away my life

Take away my car
Take away my bike

Take away my stars
Take away my stripes
Track Name: Crash Course
Take the training wheels and put them back in the tool shed,
Take a savings bond to the bank, they say we can't cash it,
Empty space where the oak trees fell,
The city made me cement my well,
And just last week, he was riding on a bicycle.

Rent a room two blocks from the beach,
We knew that he'd trash it,
Cherry Red Honda shadow,
We knew that he'd crash it
Empty space on the Parkway North
The city mailed us the whole report.
And just last week, he was riding on a bicycle.
Track Name: Love on Television (2016 Version)
Plug me in again,
Real as it can be,
I need you to plug me in again.

Now we're driving down the freeway,
The beach seems as real as it can be,
Now we're sitting in the alley,
And you're pressing really close to me,

I need you to plug me in again,
Kelly tell me why do you pretend?
That you'd let the end just be the end?
I need you to plug me in again.

Now we're driving down the freeway,
We careen and we're sitting by the sea,
You ask me if I'm a tourist,
I tell you that you'll have to wait and see.

Kelly, let's be free
Spend your death with me
Kelly, please don't leave
Spend your death with me
Kelly, marry me
Spend your death with me
Kelly, let's be free
Track Name: She Moved to Oklahoma
She moved to Oklahoma,
She got her tongue split like a snake,
Tattooed a devil's star,
We rattled at the wake,

15, she's a ticket-taker,
16, singing songs in the basement,
31, we should've chased her,
62, and I still can't explain it,

She moved to Oklahoma,
I've never driven through the plains,
They say it's dusty there,
but isn't ash and dust the same?

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